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Paiute ATV Trail

The Paiute ATV Trail is the best ATV trail anywhere period.  It is what you get when you take a great ATV trail system and super size by 10 times.  The main loop Trail 01 is over 260 miles long itself and when you add in side trails you are close to 2,000 miles of trails.  The Paiute ATV Trail also connects to the Gooseberry ATV Trail to the north, Great Western Trail to the east and the Fremont ATV Trail to the south.  The Paiute ATV Trail goes around or through 15 towns so getting gas and lodging is not many miles away at any one time.  The trail has an elevation swing from 5,100 feet to 11,000 feet.  If you are planning to come to the Paiute ATV trail for a weekend you will only scratch the surface.  The biggest mistake people make is trying to do to much and so fast that you don't remember what you saw.

I have been to three Rocky Mountain ATV Jamborees, many long weekends and a few week trips and I still have trails that I haven't been on yet.  This is a description of the trails that I have rode.  I have tried to make this information as accurate as possible.  Please review our visitors agreement and as always contact the local land managers for up to date information. You will want a Trails Illustrated Paiute ATV Trail Map that has the trail numbers, roads to drive in for each town and distances of trails.  I drive a Sportsman 500 and my 2 girls 18 and 14 drive TrailBoss's.  I base my descriptions on what I have rode with and without my kids.

My favorite Family Rides

My Favorite Family Rides

My Favorite Hard Guy Rides 4X4 Good Idea

1. From Richfield 04 east to Annabella up 68 to Big Lake down 01 to Koosharem.  Turn north in Koosharem to a good cafe. Return back same way.

2. From Richfield 04 west to 01.  01 north to 00.  00 South to Devils Armchair.  Bring Sack Lunch.  Return Same way.

3. From Marysvale 77 West to Bullion Canyon.  An old mine town has been restored and you can take a tour.  Bring a Sack Lunch.  Then head to Hennessey Point up to 10,500 feet and then down Cottonwood Creek to trail 35 then north to trail 02 back to Marysvale.

4. From Richfield up 04 to 01.  North 01 to 03 Sand Rock Ridge.  This is the 03 that is south.  Down 03 to Fillmore.  Eat lunch in Fillmore.  Up North 03 to 01.  South on 01 to 04 then return to Richfield.  (If in Fillmore go to Richfield for lunch)

1. From Richfield up 04 then south on 01.  Down 06 to 15.  South on 15 to Fremont Indian State Park.  Take the frontage road highway 4 to trail 76.  Go up 76 to 01.  Continue up 01 the Joe Lott trail to 13.  Down 13 to the Fremont Indian State park and then up 01 north to 10.  On 10 to 11.  Down 11 to Elsinore.  North on 70 to 04.  North on 04 to Richfield.  Bring extra gas and leave early or you may need a flashlight on the way home.

2. From Koosharem up 01 to 33.  South on 33 to 53.  Up 53 to 01.  North on 01 to 89.  North on 89 to 01.  01 back to Koosharem.  



Main Trail

Trail 01 from 04 Richfield to Aurora

Trail 01 from Aurora to Salina

Trail 01 from Salina to Burrville to Koosharem

Trail 01 from Koosharem to 68

Trail 01 from 68 to 02 Marysvale

Main Trail

Trail 01 East side from 02 South to Circleville

Trail 01 West side from Circleville to 02

Trail 01 from 02 to Fremont Indian State Park

Trail 01 From Fremont Indian State Park to 04

Side Trails

Trail 00 Devils Armchair
Trail 02 Marysvale East
Trail 02 Marysvale West Trail 03 Sand Rock Ridge South Fillmore Trail 03 Chalk Creek Trail North Fillmore

Trail 04 Richfield - Annabella - Trail 68

Trail 05 From Beaver

Trail 06 Kanosh Canyon - Meadow - Fillmore

Trail 07 Copley's Cove

Trail 09 Gooseberry Trail Access

Trail 10 Joseph

Trail 11 Elsinore

Trail 13 Mill Creek

Trail 15 Second Creek

Trail 22 Long Valley

Trail 24 Poverty Flat

Trail 25 The Elbow

Trail 26 Sawmill Ridge

Trail 27 Tushar Ridge

Trail 29 Puffer Lake

Trail 31 City Creek

Trail 32 Circleville

Trail 33 Greenwitch Creek Koosharem

Trail 33 Junction

Trail 34 Swiff Springs

Trail 35 Piute Reservoir

Trail 36 Piute State Park

Trail 40 Bear Ridge

Trail 41 King Meadow Canyon

Side Trails

Trail 44 Koosharem

Trail 47 Scorups Meadow

Trail 52 Little Lost Creek

Trail 53 Middle Fork

Trail 54 Langdom Creek

Trail 55 Bear Valley Road

Trail 56 Great Western Trail Access

Trail 61 Hodge Ranch Springs

Trail 63 Dead Horse Canyon

Trail 64 Rocky Creek

Trail 65 Richfield to Glenwood

Trail 65 Oak Canyon

Trail 66 Rock Canyon

Trail 67

Trail 68 Big Lake

Trail 68 Anderson Meadow

Trail 70 Richfield to Aurora

Trail 70 Monroe to Richfield

Trail 71 Killian Hollow

Trail 72 Pole Canyon

Trail 73 King Springs

Trail 74 Deer Creek

Trail 76 Sargent Mountain

Trail 77 Pine Creek

Trail 78 Radio Tower

Trail 87 Upper Box Creek

Trail 88 Robbers Roost

Trail 89 South Fork Box Creek

Trail 97 Joseph Peak




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